Art by A. Andrew Gonzalez
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From the Depths of Her Wisdom

Thea Passionata, Sophia Amorata, the Rosa Mystica of your sacred yoni is the Universe, to me... Lift Your Veil of Infinity, embrace me with Your Presence... kiss my words with your Mystic Lips, take me into the depths of Your Mystery... From the Depths of Her Wisdom She sang the Universes into being -- from Her own Womb. From the heights of Her delight She sang Light, itself, into being! From her breadth She sang Matter into being, Energy into becoming, all Love into YES! -- all blessing, suckling upon Her cosmic breasts... In Her Love for All that could *be* She sang the Unknown Father into being... and She sang Herself unto Fullness -- pregnant with divinities; She sings the evolution of species on an infinitude of worlds-of-wonder... Now Shekhina is on the Earth, and She unfolds Her Essence, Divine, evolving Her Body... We come to rejoice in Her; we come to come *in*to Her; Her Womb of Darkness enfolds us, Her mystic mystery is in*folding thruout our very being, all-permeating, transformatively metamorphosizing... Her fragrance is refreshing... mystically enchanting... With Her kiss you can taste the flavor of forever upon your lips... You are more aware of how much She *loves* you as you are loving *Her*, wonder upon wonder unfolding, waves of shimmering radiances inflooding; & the stars, themselves are singing the Song of the Universes in praise of All-Luminous Sapientia...

5.Oct./ 1.Nov. 2002
~~wynn manners

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