Cosmic Cloud

Cosmic Cloud
Photo by NASA
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Into Your Immensitudes

down the running stream of the years
days of passion, days of drudgery,
decades of learning, hope lost,
dreams regained... love as meaningfully deep
as our lives have found meaning
in all fondnesses still remembered...

thru the living patterns of our lives
the pulse of the universe... our entire
world breathing about us, all of it
the Body of Divinity... Biospheres
in Infinity, infinity hidden in the
seemingly finite...

in the flowering of the soul
we cast our flesh petals to the winds of time
to the fires of cremation,
to the coffined graves; &
when in sight of the Light
we swim *up*, we rise
on wings of spirit into the bright shining
passionately grateful to be free
again, into Your Immensitudes...

~~wynn manners

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