Winter Cascade

Winter Cascade
Photo by Gamaliel Lane Gardner-Masters


Sweet Mother -- You are the pure water of Life with which we wash the faces of Dawn ~ Your Children of the Light are the living faces of Your Dawn Divine into time...

For the unawakened hearts, the nightmare dreams enmesh them into deepening shadows of fear & rage, jealousy & pain, lust & ambitions unfulfilled... burning, burning, unto ashes of despair, all hope fled into the turbulencies that roil the poison-smoke air... until hushed into the stillicide of death... until release unto the post-temporal peace...

But to know You *now* is to know Your Peace now -- *before* the release... & bliss... in Your unendingness.

These moments with you, Beloved, wellspring my being, fountaining, o fountaining a surging wonder, ever resurgent, recurrently climaxing in You... only to plunge into You anew -- renewed in wonder -- awed in Your All...

All pain is the laboring to bring forth the transformation into a higher vibration -- prelude to our rapturing in You...

By the Light in the Body of Earth
This metamorphosis will be brought into birth
~ morphogenesis ~
~ transtemporality ~
as Your Yoni of Infinity dilates
to give birth to the Eternal into time
the Divine Lumen of the Gnosis of the Light
Love's dancing delight
& the night will shower 10,000 falling stars
turned fleeting incandescence to dust a child's dreams
in remembrance of You

~~wynn manners
~~from The Golden Journal

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