Rock Statue, Eye of Rushing Waters

Art by Norman E. Masters
from a photo by Gamaliel Masters


       "Darkness covers the face of the deep."

       I know what it is
          to have my face covered with darkness, my tent pitched in chaos.
          to whistle in the dark as fear preys, mantis-like, at my door.

       To get from here to there:
          from the house of fear, to your tenting place
       discover that the dark brooding
          is the shadow of your wings
       learn to let go of many clutchings
          let go into darkness, into chaos
          out of control, into your hands
       see ten thousand threads bind me tight
           [no struggle to break them]
       remember the double helix that wraps me fast
          [center holds & holding binds]
       my bonds are freedom's wrappings.

       No drop of water, rushing to the sea
          struggles to be free of the arms of the river.
       Do I, better than the river, know the way to my sea home?
       Water-way, keeps me bound
          holds me in dancing flow
          splashs me hard against the rock
          lets me know greening slowness.

Frank John Culley

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