Vehicles To Sophia

by Dave Reeder

Hi Wynn,


In my quest to find out who God is, and what is God about.....I had a dream where it seems that I was in something that appeared to look like a department store. I saw a friend of mine, who told me that Christ was here/ there. I turned to look and I saw a man with a wig on with very heavy make-up on (rouge, and bright red lipstick on). I was shocked and surprised. He kissed me on the lips 3 times. Right then everything disppeared, and I saw myself as a teenage boy, and I looked up and saw the most beautiful woman I have every seen. She was in a transparent dress with golden theads, running vertically. I couldn't see her skin under the dress. More like a statement, of having nothing to hide. As I slowly took out my hand, being a bit shy, She grabbed my hand and held it around her waist, and took me to what looked like a balcony. As I looked over I saw all manner of vehicles, of which I have come to understand as meant to convey things, like words, people or things.

I guess this is one of the reasons I have become attracted to this web-site, because of this dream.


12 Jan 2004

Your Dream of Her


You were given a *very* Special (& revelatory) Dream, here...


The way i interpret its meaning is: The "department store" in a sense, provides all the religious options, all the spiritual paths available.

You were interested in meeting Christ. You were informed that Christ was there.

Then Christ came *up* to you dressed in a wig (thereby disguised as a woman -- *about* whom you could have, perhaps, thought those things in the Timothy verses you quoted) -- wearing rouge & bright red lipstick. (So it would appear that Christ came to you in the "disguise" of a "scarlet woman," of a "whore"... & why would that be?)

You were shocked & surprised... & then Christ *kissed* you three times on the lips -- one for the Heavenly Father, one for the Divine Childe, one for the Holy Spirit.

Upon the third kiss you were conducted unto & given a vision of (& personal experience with) the Holy Spirit, *Her*self (named Sophia, in the Greek... Hokmah in the Hebrew, in Proverbs) & were guided to walk side-by-side with Her, your hand around Her waist. Burl Hall was having such experiences -- much as your Dream Vision -- as a 5 year old boy in *waking* consciousness (rather than in Dreams). i have met Her, once, in a Dream in 1973... *not* as you & Burl were given to see Her -- but, still, definitely *Her*. Lynea Search has had two revelatory & deeply meaningful Dreams of Her, too -- which i'm intending to put up on the *Cosmic Mother, Wisdom's Lovers* this month -- alongwith Burl's experiences from his book, if he gives me permission to do so.

If it's *okay* with you, i'd like to add *your* Dream of Her to what will be a short compilation of 4 or 5 people's (briefly written) personal experiences of Her -- to go up on the site some months in the future.

Since you are (perhaps relatively) *new* to Dual Faith you possibly have not read how it came about that the "Holy Spirit" in the Gospel of John got that "sex change" to a "he". It's a translation error. Spirit is "spiritus" in Latin, carrying a masculine ending. So the "he" translations are going back to the Latin Vulgate translation of Jerome. In the Greek, the word translated as "Spirit" is neuter; in the Aramaic that Jesus spoke, & in the Hebrew -- Spirit has a *feminine* ending. So when Jesus, in Aramaic, spoke of the Holy Spirit, he called Her *She* -- not *He*. Thus mistaken translations have *changed* Yeshua's original teachings.

There was a "Key" to Eternal Life that was *given* -- that those who were given that Key neither used for themselves and *hid* from others. Our Divine Mother is that Key. Eternal Life comes thru being "born again" in *Her*. In your Dream, Christ conducted you straight to *Her* -- & She pointed you to the fact that She has many "vehicles" (meaning, to my understanding, She has the ability to speak thru *many* spiritual paths).

*Why* was Christ wearing that makeup when He kissed you?

To my view it is because he was telling you that Sophia, the Holy Spirit, is being made out to be "the Whore of Babylon," "the Scarlet Woman" by much of orthodox & fundamentalist Christianity. It is possible that these latter *may* well be in a steady state of "blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" & are too "blind" to realize it.

"But this Soft sweet voice that speaks to me at times, reminded me the Love does need protection," you wrote.

It seems to me that that was *Her* Voice -- the Voice of Sophia. & i deeply *appreciate* you passing that along, & your reflections-in-Her that resulted therefrom...


~~in Her Loving,
~~wynn manners
15 January 2004

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