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The Source
Art by A. Andrew Gonzalez
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    A Secret Ambience

They were two who shared a secret ambience, together...

When they would look into each other's eyes, each took the other a long way out of time. For in the depths of their soul-joining they lived in the timelessness of eternity. Thus, even when Yehsua was gone from the flesh, the oneness of their souls kept him as near as her own internity.

Yeshua was curious about the Mysteries of Isis... He was always curious and was not quick to judge. He knew not the feminine Mysteries. But he loved Miryai more than any secrets she might tell him, in confidence.

Though he knew his Heavenly Father, it was Mirya who would take him deep, deep, into the secrets of a woman's heart...

This woman! The fragrance of her could not but allure him. Unpredictable as the wind, she was fascinating to him. She was his spiritual sister, friend & confidante, living goddess enfleshed, his earthly sophia... lover and divine bride...

There was so much of life to be savored with her... She enhanced the living thereof; and at times it was paradise to be with her. Just to be loving her was paradise enough for *that* life.

A man of sorrows, she soothed his sorrowing.

When his eyes would turn sad with foreknowing, she received troubling intimations of what was coming... but put off thinking upon it and feared to ask him, for what she might hear.

Sometimes Miryai's eyes could get reckless! when her passion for Yeshua burned so ardently in her heart! She flirted & teased. She *wanted* to arouse him!

She was an entrance into entracing wonderment, a portal into the beyond... a window of seeing, an intuitive doorway to the future... As he looked upon her, once, he saw multiples of her, multiplying into the future...

She brought forth a different movement of the heart than he had ever experienced, before. He loved the others, wholly... but her uniquely... for there was a special flavor to her.

Before she came into his life his love had been like an empty temple. In his emptiness, the Divine Love infilled him & flowed forth... indeed, overflowed... God was as near as here... people came in need, needing this love... But the thirsty ones did not fill his empty temple with *their* love.

Then Magdalene came -- to fill *him*...

A man of sorrows... because his heart had been an empty temple with no *human* love like this to fill him to overflowing. Now he found joy in life, when she was near... His heart would dance. She was the Kiss of the Eschaton, the Kiss of Sophia...

She took *him* into states of grace, so many times, just being with her. To her, he was a *felt* truth -- at a deeper level than words can ever convey, or than mind can recognize.

They were like living dreams come into each other's lives -- full blessing. Their love heightened each other into beatitude's sweet bliss...

She would caress caress caress him, when they were alone together... giving him all that her life *could* give... the gift of *all* of herself unto him.

All that he was separated from, she gave to him... & All that he could join her to -- in the bridging of this love... divine bridegroom to divine bride... he gave unto her, joyfully.

In a very tender moment, feeling sacramental, he said to her, "The feast is near..."

She replied, "My love for you knows no end."

Inside him, then, worlds of paradise were singing their essence.

Then they feasted with each other, and into each other, as only lovers can divinely do...

              ~~wynn manners

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