Let There Be Light 3

Let There Be Light 3
Art by Norman E. Masters

Born of a Lick of Radiance

I in*weave all living.
I call within each,
silently, subtly, ongoingly.

Can you hear me?

I am attainable as Source;
I am the wellspring of your being,
the in-filling, the fountaining.

Beauty is a portal to knowing me.
Darkness, death, decay:
my faces are infinite.

What color is death?

I give myself thru Change.
I enter into Time
to seal this configuration.

I in*weave all living,
ripple as energy waves
thru your every sensitivity.

We weave, together, in Love...
& Love joins you with me
in this weave of we

until each awakens
to the inner call
to *be* this weaving...

Gladly will I pour
all that I Am
into the empty sky of you.

I in*weave all living.
I verify you
when you trust me.

You were borne
of a lick of my radiance.
Know me as Regeneratia...

When you know me most deeply
you will be rockin' the ages
in the cleft of my Love.

~~norea st. john
November 29, 2005

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