Goddess Energy

Goddess Energy
Art by Norman E. Masters

Between the Silences...
Something of Forever

The authentic Spirit is a seed of potentiality in everyone -- our Essence of essences to even *be* a living soul. It's a matter of moving beyond the illusions of the egoic goals.

Nothing to win, nothing to lose -- just *be*ing Her Reality -- fully & authentically.


All virtue is Divine Essence. Where else could it come from? Whatever the religion, whatever the belief matrix -- if virtue is there -- wherever it is, the Essence of Her Spirit is every virtue's Source.

Virtue thru anyone of any belief matrix comes of Her hidden Presence. Her Presence has simply gone unrecognized (AS Her) & unNamed -- in this fashion.

The mystic possibility of total (& holy) union with Her is the highest on Earth. It is a metamorphosis of consciousness, the blossoming of fullest potentiality. This evolution unto divine consciousness is why we are born here. Eden is the Garden of God/dess. The seeds of our spiritual essences -- growing flesh about us, over the incarnations, grow into god/desshood here.

We return until we learn -- fully -- what *is* to be learned.

The ultimate learning & growth is not from any book, any religion (they are *all* temporal & not eternal), any philosophy. These only beget mimicry, carbon copies, imitation -- not the deepest-in Knowing -- which comes from total comm*union*.

In the soul's maturity you know -- intimately -- the oracle within. To seek guidance from others -- from any book or religion -- means we are blocked from communing with the oracle within. The mind, the belief matrixes, the programming, the ego are generating static that blocks that direct communion.

The Truth is known between the Silences.

All the mind static -- from one's own ego & from all others must be Silenced on both sides, for the Divine Truth to come forth from the Inner Oracle (who is *Her* -- Shekhinah*Sophia) -- between those Silences.

Mystic influences (Her Presence, hiddenly guiding Her own) draw one inwards to the center, one's own holy-of-holies, the inner shrine.

All these awakened centers -- coming into touch with each other -- (& that is why we come together here -- & this is what we are each secretly seeking, here) form a new matrix -- the spiritual matrix -- of the New Reality -- the Aeon of Her Spirit.

The new matrix of interconnecting spiritual energy is an *energy* field of spiritual (spiraling) mutation/ transformation/ metamorphosis.

Something unlike what has ever been before, on this world, will come forth from this -- Something of Forever, borne into Time -- larger than any of us -- larger, in where it is growing, than this entire world -- &, eventually, larger than this entire universe.

In this Matrix of the New Reality -- in this field of divine energy, dancing, where each individual soul's spiritual nexus point is *one* with the Oracle Within -- the invisible seedgrain of Her Spirit (each of us such a a light*spark -- that spiritual force of Life smaller than a mustard seed which can do more than move mountains) -- in this New Eden, this Matrix of Metamorphosis, in the Garden of Her Bliss, in Her Womb of Becoming, god/desses evolve into full spiritual consciousness, as Brother Christ, Brother Lao Tzu, Brother Buddha, Sister Kwan Yin, Sister Sophia, Sister Isis have done before us.

Before the divine metamorphosis our senses & sensitivities are -- at best -- half awakened. All the esp senses are intimations of what is coming -- with the full awakening.

This Earth is a celestial egg -- one of Her Wombs of Life among the stars. We are nurtured here to grow... spiritually evolve... unto celestial beings. All humans' religions' tales about angels & afterlife "heavens" are intimations as to this ultimate destiny.

Our souls stay here -- in the Mother Earth nursery -- as long as we *choose* to. When each is ready -- spiritually -- to leave this Earth-nursery -- when what *must* be learned *has* beeen learned (a divine compassion & understanding -- a responsibly responsive use of the powers of divine creativity) then the goddess & godling nursery planet is left behind for the larger universal explorations -- &, eventually, over the aeons ahead -- we go to the edge of the cosmos, beyond infinity -- & as divine beings, generate a New Cosmos -- new universes... & the process of cosmogenesis continues...

& in our Ultimate Union, Beloved, we become, ourselves, in divine fUSion, the Divine Body of Some Strange Universe brooding a new celestial egg...

As seedlings of cosmogenesis, as sons & daughters of the Divine begetting -- we grow (over the aeons) unto divinities who beget cosmogenesis...

But as long as there are falsehoods & unworthy motives in the programming & the aspirations -- we must die -- again & again -- until what must be learned to purify all such *out* of the living consciousness is attained. *Then* & only then are we ready to live forever without *ever* dying again.

Each dying is *good*. Such a blessing, such a freeing, clarity... glimpses of a Larger Knowing... adventuring into forever. Only the temporal ego "dies," anyways... & egos exist for a *reason* in the Grand Design. Egotism is essential to the fuller evolution of consciousness. There is that which one cannot be aware of, cannot experience, without the egoic perspective. It's a *stage* in the universal evolution -- like having to go thru puberty... adolescence -- before one can become a mature adult.

Egotism is the adolescence stage of the soul.

Beyond the adolescence of this stage of humanity -- locked into the "fallen" egoic values of the old aeon -- coming into being from the inner shrine -- in this synergetic mesh of new consciousness, in the evolving divine energy field of the new aeon, the aeon of Sophia - - new sensitivities are borne in Her divine children. One hears a celestial music, tasting becomes heavenly -- there is a depth, vibrancy, clarity, intensity of color to one's seeing that did not exist before; touch becomes more sensitive, bliss & peace more prevalent; the fragrances of Goddess are to our sense of smell like ambrosia and nectar to the tongue. One *experiences* the paradisical *now* -- it is no longer a vision, a hope, a dream postponed til some afterlife. One hears the love thoughts of others with clarity; vibes & auras are known -- new senses are awakened -- kitheing & all the esper senses...

In the nigglings of Her Presence -- half-awakening some of these new senses -- many have been given foretastes of what is to come, so much more fully, in the course of Her Aeon of human metamorphosis unto the trans*humans.

~~wynn manners

~~ wynn manners
~~from The Indian Pattern Journal
~~June 30, 2003
~~written in Michigan

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