Heart Flower



Letter To A Friend
by Harvey Green

"What a celebration of joy it is to love others, to love you. <...> To labor our golden vein & mine the stardust that will neither rust nor decay is a labor of love indeed."

A Renewed Society
by Karen I. Olsen

"The Divine Child identified with Christ is born in each of us, being the True Soul, Buddha Nature, Higher Self, Christ Consciousness, Nous Christos or 'Mind of Christ', or Holy Wisdom incarnate. <...> It is stubborn, the spirit that refuses to lie down and die. It is the True Soul that redeems our neglect and denial of it as it rises again through its reconnection to Earth- and Spirit-Source, within the Virgin Womb-Cave of Holy Wisdom/Shekhina/Sophia. <...> Many people have asked how to prevent school and community violence, how to prevent Columbine High-style mass murders by youth, and how to teach appropriate values and combat a so-called 'culture of death.'"

From the Greek version of the Odes of Solomon
by Frank John Culley
"You suckle us, each and every:
milk-wine sets our minds to rest
living water sings my mouth its song."

Trembling of the Veil
by Frank John Culley

"What had been Christed, Holy One set apart, pours forth
an unending torrent sings who we are
the body's memories, hopes & sensations
are the full flood of life's fountain."

is there some week out there that is not holy?
by Frank John Culley

"Inner tongue is the thinking mind
inner eyes, the remembering mind."

III.i This alone do we know:
by Frank John Culley

"Feelings are the unknowing of power:
from the unknowing of winter comes spring.
from deep saline waters of unknowing
comes the charge which drives life."

Hymn of Light
Ancient Manichean Hymn
"I am the Light that shines forth, that gives joy to the souls.
I am the Life of the world;
I am the milk that is in all trees;
I am the sweet water that is beneath the sons of matter."

A Vignette
by Pauline Fox
"What is the Word of God?
Must everything be named and defined and categorized?
Are not Life's ecstacies remembered more than mundane facts?"

Virgin Speech
by Pauline Fox
"The True Poet, ris'n from Dream's Lost Pages
brings Primal Logos once more cleansed
by torrents pouring through the ages..."

What Have We The Vision To Be?
by Richard Slaughter and Michael Tobin
"This, then is our dedication: ...
To growth of spirit, vision, caring, love..." ~~R.S.

"Indeed, a real vibrantly alive poem is a most sacred creation." ~~M.T."

Learn To Live In Eternity!
by Michael Tobin
"The struggle for life escalates on Planet Earth.
All over the globe today technocratic barbarism is being challenged...

We must learn to live in Eternity if we are not to be overcome
by the mass Fear and Hysteria which is literally paralyzing
many people today..."

The Twelve Deeps, Mother of Eternity
from The Gnosis of the Light
"She is the Mother of all Eternities, who surrounds all Deeps...
 blessed for ever and ever."

The Mother Of God
by Sri Aurobindo
                          "...she is here
  To heal the evils and mistakes of Space
  And change the tragedy of the ignorant world..."

Ten Rather Firm Suggestions
thru Andrew Harvey
Shekhina's replacement of the archaic Ten Commandments
-- for the Age of the Divine Spirit: the Spiritual Essence
of what was on the original shattered tablets.

by Frank John Culley
"To hear is to dance to another's soul-music
     no empty dance, this
          your word seeds my flesh..."

My Friend Joy
by Harvey Green
".. I never traveled alone, for Joy was my silent friend.
We enjoyed the open road, the Sunlit fields, meadow after
meadow, beckoning paths and unnamed trails..."

What Is Grace?
by Melanie J. Carroll
"i am reveling in her grace now as i sit here and smile
and lift my face up to the kisses of the sun and the stroking
of the breeze... ...her grace is the ability to *be*"

We Still Have Time... If...
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
"Don't ever underestimate yourself. You are a wondrous Child of God,
and ALL that our Father-Mother God has is yours.
...Thank you for remembering who you are and for fulfilling
the purpose and reason you have come to Earth."

The Wedding Song Of Wisdom
translated by G. R. S. Mead
"...Her Bridechamber shineth with Light...
...Truth on her Head doth repose...

...share in that eternal Wedding-feast,
...in that eternal everlasting Joy..."

by cathie manyveils
" threadleaf sage voluptuary with droplets
after a spring rain
on every ravished blade "

The Start And The End
by Melanie J. Carroll
"Time to stop just for a moment and see things
for what they really are at their simplest of
levels before moving on again to the complexity"

Invocation To Sophia
by Eric J. Ashford
"Sweet Dove of Light is your name.
Joy is your name.
Inspiration is your name.
Peace is your name.
The Word is your name.
All names belong to you."

Cosmic Mother, Wisdom's Lovers on towards *metamorphosis*