Global Light Play

Art By Norman E. Masters


     1. Adore me... the Mother. Know that I, the Mother, am immanent
        and transcendent.
     2. Adore every sentient being... with my total tenderness.
     3. Dare to adore yourself as my divine child.
     4. Know... that nature is the sacred body of my sacred life.
     5. Know that my love is eternally active....
     6. Shine to all four directions.
     7. Dissolve all social barriers between sects and religions.
     8. Dissolve all barriers between the... sacred and the profane.
     9. Discover and cultivate sacred Eros in all its ecstatic connections.
    10. Know that I can be contacted anywhere at anytime through one
        sacred syllable: "Ma". No intermediary needed.

                                                                         ~~thru Andrew Harvey

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