Dance Of The Fire Twins

Dance Of The Fire Twins
Photo by Gamaliel Masters

the bright dark
of Her Mystery...

A dancer of time,
you are dancing in Her timelessness...

The old patterns of the past that limit your
mind are the prophets that are false.
Into your very heart*beat, baring your heart*speak,
Her Spirit is in the pulsing,
your bliss is in the swaying,
no more delaying... whirling, swirling,
the rhythm enhances, Her fragrance entrances,
portals to the knowing

Fire ascending on the pyre of passed pasts,
all those days... years... centuries...
so poignant with expectations... The time
of transition... was it lifetimes?
Now no more than a forgotten dream;
you will no longer remember
that it seemed like forever...

The inner fires... ascendancing desire,
depths reaching higher... the heights of bliss
embracing the depths of knowing
what was imagined, now real,
with the strength of puissance,
dance thru the dark of the soul's deepest night
the bright dark of Her mystery is shining you Home...

~~wynn manners
~~from Inter*Fusions

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