Art by Norman E. Masters

Unseal Within Me,

Unseal within me, Beloved, Your counsel...
& let it flow forth, freely, as our inner fountaining...
speaking Your Truth as it vibrates thru me.
Such a rare treasure it is
to be receiving Your Essence in Presence in endless outflowing.

Again, yes! and again & again, yes! yes!... it is a challenge
to try to bring into human languaging the Wisdom of You; but, always,
Yes! Transport me endlessly into Your multilayered Chamber of Bliss.

Your Voice into my life is real & true; Your Voice is a caressing
of my consciousness, an embrace of my being,
the richest, deepest expression of Your Divine Loving.
You tumult my heart in a leap of Yes!-speak!; You uplift my spirit.
This life, itself becomes the adventurous joy of a spiritual odyssey
for me -- just to consecrate my time to Your vibration,
seeking the attunment of my deepest yearning
to the fullfilling of Your Reality.

You express without compromise Your many facets,
from Gaia to Holy Spirit.

To connect with You is to enter the spiritual Realms.
And, indeed, You delight to take us with You,
for You delight, deeply, in wo/manity,
especially in those who know You & love You -- as You love...
You are Nous in my mind; You are Protennoia;
You are my last thought before sleep, my first thought 
upon awakening. Your Kiss presses upon my lips...
& thus i know Your Presence, tho not a word comes thru.
You enwrap me in Your Presence thruout my life,
whether seen or not; You come into my dreams;
and You will enfold me into Your bosom thru the dying.

~~wynn manners
October 24, 2003

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