Golden Dakini

Golden Dakini
Art by A. Andrew Gonzalez
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Bridegroom of Eternity,
Bride Who *Is* Eternity

You come to me robed in gossamer, the whole cosmos of you undulating
so provocatively, so sensuously, so ultimately seductively, Sophia...

Your graceful hands, fingers like nimbly fluttering wings of
doves, spread slowly the gossamer ensheathing your breasts,
opening, invitingly, your nurturing glories;
is it my deep breathing or is it your deep breathing?
it is *our* deep breathing as my ardent eyes behold the soft swellings
of your mystic invitation...
the intensitudes of my desire to know *all* of you...

The gossamer draping secret intimations of all the rest
of your beauties rainbow shimmers all the colors of our covenant;
from a single touch energy-sparking from your finger they begin sparkling
a pure white light, fireworks dissolving the gossamer traceries,
disappearing in tiny climaxes of light to reveal all your naked beauty...
my own heartleap in the midst of this wild fantasy of your awesome reality
so marvellously true, instant of unutterable euphoria as
the pure light of your being, unveiled, becomes an infinite vision
of the starswirling cosmos, overlaying the infinite within,
the cosmic dance of atoms & quarks, the limitless understanding
of pure mind, set free, pulsing in space, dancing between the dimensions,
no divisions between sight and comprehension.

You entwine your essence within mine, Beloved, so electrifyingly zestfully
as i revel in the vibrant beauty of your embrace, your glowing, animated face...
as i trace, tenderly, your every feature's delicacies,
breathing in the ambrosia of you; o blessed serendipity,
sweet balm, to be dipping *in*to you so awesomely...

You are the shimmering shining, taking my every heartleap thru chromatic changes
so supple (as i sup of your essence, the nectar of your loving),
your gaze like enigmatic eternity looking so deeply into me,
ripples of your energy playing all thru me as i be*come* Your melody, Beloved
effusing you suffusing me, effervescencing me, so cosmically...

You are the magick that interweaves my very being, metamorphosizing my seeing...
You are my mind's emancipation, my soul's fructification, my heart's purest joy,
my body's benediction; the lustrations of your grace caress me with the vibrancy
& subtle energies of shimmering rainbows...  You are the showering of
all the flavors and favors of divine loving, the baptism of bliss all blessing...

~~wynn manners

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