Sunset, Fort Hall Hill

Photo by Gamaliel Lane Gardner-Masters

We Are One Dance

The sun sets to the west to illuminate dark, threatening clouds that sit atop an island located to the northeast of where I sit. The clouds serve as a backdrop on which the reflection of trees dressed in their gold and red autumn garb are highlighted. It's all about the dance of light, clouds, shadows and objects. Across the horizon is a pink halo that above an island erupts into phallic magnificence. Mother's blood flows as She births the world into Dusk and ultimately into the bliss of Night. Love abounds and reigns as Queen in this universe. He impregnates me with His essence. I am full of Her.

Nothing is created in isolation. No man is an island. Nor is any tree in isolation of the sun, the clouds and the dirt into which he spreads his roots. A slight change of one letter and soil is revealed as soul. In what power are we grounded?

Nothing is created in isolation. All is created with everything else. IN my existence, the entire universe is involved as I am involved in the existence of the entire universe. All of these, the sun, the moon, the nightime sky, the fiery sunset/sunrise are my lovers. I am impregnated by them as I impregnate them. We are one dance.

Oct 26, 2001

Beloved!  Your scents fill this room.
My love quails within me,
Swirling like a timeless tunnel
Unfurling sparks of fire
Into the mainstream of my menstrual blood

I am the Goddess of Volcanoes
I rain ashes upon the land
and explode in loving ecstasy at your touch
My womb wrenches in desire, my Sweet
This orgasmic frenzy is your birth for
you form yourself of my flowing blood.

I dance in reckless joy
Like a raging drunkard
on a Saturday night brawl.
I reel about,
fall on my face
and laugh aloud.

You spew out of my mouth
and this whole world turns gold.

3 Dec 2003


Burl B. Hall

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Dancing With The Stars
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