Erotic Radiances

Erotic Radiances
Art by Norman E. Masters

In the land of erotic dreams

       Ten thousand visitors knock at my door each day
          they pass through, [to the extent my door is open]
          leave their calling cards on the hall table.

       At night, when the lights are out & my door is shut
          I go through these cards and my soul remembers.
       In the land of erotic dreams, we are lovers
          some of my daytime visitors & I
       and in our joining, I am remembered
          we are become one flesh and I see that this is good.

       What of those who come in, through my open door
          pitch their tent in my mind
          sing their songs, from far off lands
          exotic fragrances in their hair
       if I give myself not to them:
          neither do I receive them as lovers
          and so they go and how express their grievance
          [in ways devious & dark.]
       No scorned lover leaves gracefully
          mischief trails his departing footsteps
       [scorn is in the heart of the one who feels scorned.]

       Must I keep my door fastened tight, against your many visits
       or shall I flee to the inner desert, trackless & visitorless.

Frank John Culley

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