Pokey Hauntus

Pokey Hauntus
Art by Bob O'Hearn


Who did you wake up as this morning? Ask this question of yourself each morning before you begin the day. Each day is an opportunity to recreate yourselves.

Yesterday we were a certain kind of person. The day before, we were another variant of that self image that we have woven about us. Yet that self image is only a projection of who we thought we were.

Each day, we borrow the rags of identity from the day before and reconstruct an image of ourselves again. Yet that persona is just an idea we have of ourselves.

Each night when we sleep, these self-images are unraveled and the subconscious mind builds dreams to carry a memory of them through our sleep. Without this memory, we would literally wake up without a sense of identity!

Thankfully, this rarely occurs, for the mind is too deeply imprinted with our life patterns. Yet, on the other hand, much of the sand castle of self, is washed away in sleep. Upon waking, we immediately begin to piece together the threads of yesterday and our own personal history.

This new image building is usually instantaneous, yet sometimes we awake from deep sleep and have a hard time locating an image of ourselves. It is important that we use this time to sink into the heart and meditate upon our reality.

What would you embody today? What body will you use to create your own reality? Bodiment is like choosing a car; we choose a vehicle to reflect our chosen identity, in order to express that idea. Yet if we get too attached to the car it becomes an in-bodiment, not an embodiment. Embodiment can take on multi-transpersonal realities. In-body-ment, means within a body; it is a personal attachment to a particular body.

Our brains have interpreted the external world as other than us. We have no trust in the seamless nature of the wave. What we have forgotten is that each particle of spirit-matter-energy is the content of love gathered together by the conscious will of the universe. No physical thing is different than us in its constituent parts. All is the embodiment of Mind. Every piece of matter is a child of that starlight.

Imagination is our greatest gift. It is only our intellectual prejudice that doubts the power of imaginative creation. The limited mind would make of the universe a small place confined by the known, while consigning the unknown to myth. However the soul knows the reality of myth, it speaks in the language of transcendence, for it resides there. To obey the laws of the divine we must learn this language again, so that we can once again claim the full heritage of divine imagination.

So do not accept a past identity for yourself today. At least not one that does not enhance your divine nature. This does not mean trying to make a different personality for yourself. This will make you schizophrenic! Bring that personality that you have nurtured as yourself, into a higher vibration space of consciousness, and live beyond the body of yesterday.

Life is the radiance
of the particles of your creation;
all bodies turn into the galaxies of your love.
Mind is beyond all frontiers.
It is the One thought of God.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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