Siren's Dream

Siren's Dream
Art by A. Andrew Gonzalez
Background by Montserrat
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Shekhina of the Eternal Glories

~~from The Wedding Chamber of Wisdom

You are the far star of my faith, the substance of what is hoped for the wisdom that consoles the rich harvest of flowering generations You entwine your Essence around me so sensually, Shekhina, your music of seduction your perfume of hosanna emancipate our ecstasies onward thru eternity i ejaculate the eons into you & still you dance your desire before me, Beloved, alluring me ever on, ripe for the revelling the cosmos agog before your naked reality o God Himself is in trouble, too! rippling thru the next energy phase of *You*! ;) mischievously adorning the divine adoration reawakening the thrill of creation with your naked beauty the ambrosial aroma of your musky allure enchants God's own yearning for you spurting galaxies of wonderment to adorn your Body... in spirals of light ~~ to tickle your fancy (all prancy-dancey) to the heights of Divine delight... o Shekhina of the eternal glories the infinitudes adore You... 28.June.2001
~~wynn manners

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