Rose Wrapped 2

Rose Wrapped 2
Art by Norman E. Masters

Vision of the Mystic on Earth

The human heart has the key to the mystery
of the most profound and hidden secret of the universe,
and can give sacred utterance to it
in a strength that is full of tenderness and truth...

In the heartbeat of a moment you will *know*
in your own utter let-go into Her divine numinosity...
Then your awakened heart will be like an opening rose
that sweetens the wind with a fragrance sublime...

Who weaves this rainbow-tissue of
luminous heart-threads, loving the *be*ing,
enraptured into the seeing, rippling thru
the shimmering mist?  Who opens the rose
of the awakened heart; who seeds the future;
who enwombs the divine metamorphosis?

O poignant and ecstatic love that leaps (at last)
into YES! in the Vision of the beauty of Your Face...
Sophia Passionata, Divine Luminosa,
Rosa Mystica, Illuminant Wisdom, Sapientia Celestia
Who wraps us warm in arms of Love
like a golden fleece of dreams come true....


~~wynn manners

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