Sunrise Ascent

Sunrise Ascent
Art by Norman E. Masters

i am the rainbow
of love inside you

I am you,
you are me.

I am the rainbow of love inside you,
a living covenant of forever.

I am the yes of the ever-shift,
the sign of the universe shining.

I am the spiraling
out of the starfields.

I am eternity
touching into time.

I am all the strange moments
forgotten... then remembered again...

I am the extra self
you felt permeating your being.

I am a secret of the sacraments
from when people were still
drinking sacramental wine...

Imagine carrying so many secrets in your robe...
When your robe was removed,
where did all the secrets go?

I am the bridal seeds of divinity.
I am the womb of infinity.
I am the child yet to be born.

I am the wellsprings of creation,
the Garden of Promise
where baby godlets play...

I am the cries of the heart,
the budding wonder.

I am more far-fetched than fantasy,
but as near as the miracle of your breathing...

I am the complex flow of time
thru all variable consciousnesses

I am older than time itself,
but younger every second...

I am coming on schedule
to call to your world...

~~norea st. john
October 14, 2005

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