Sunflower Aglow

Sunflower Aglow
Artistic modification by Norman E. Masters
From a photo by Gamaliel Masters

You Are The Future In This Moment

Buddha consciousness is not a past mind of the Buddha, but the present mind of your future Buddhahood. Christ mind is not a consciousness of this momentary self, but of every possible self you will ever be, brought to this instant. The future lives in this moment.

Those who would reincarnate the past, exhume only empty dreams. Nothing living ever died, nothing past ever became this present. Let the dead bury the dead and follow this, your life.

This twinkling star-burst of time, this wave-crest of movement, is the nexus to all potentiality of self becoming. Yet, what can become, can also return to a Holy Instant, for the river of you is never broken. This stream of consciousness, is like a river that upon its surface seems to travel to future possibilities of awareness, yet underneath this movement, there is a counter movement, a closing of this circular sentience, that flows ever to you from a limitless future.

The midpoint of all time, is this awakened present. It is a home you have journeyed from and return to. A beginning and a culmination. The Heart does not travel, but is the home of all probability brought back into an eternal Now.

There are as many future selves of You, as there are leaves on the tree of this life. They are not before you nor behind you. They are part of the same spiral of consciousness that both leaves and returns through the portal of this Buddha field of awakening. This heart harvesting of your truth, all happens together upon a threshold between time-flow and eternal regeneration.

The Christ mind unifies the spiral of all time, being both entrance and exit. It holds the whorl and gyre of existence within one doorway. It sees the future happen at once and in wholeness. Each window of sentient opportunity opens within the One heart place. It knows you in myriad expressions. It sees you as a nebular of alternate beings of itself. A fluctuation of the wave and the particular, yet lives within each planetary phase, as the sun lives within the atom.

This moment you can read the future, as you expand to fill the space of its present being in you. Soul awareness is your becoming of every soul, as you allow its return to fulfill its oceanic current as you. All that you will ever be, happens and has happened here. God is a holy name for perfect availability.

Every soul can channel itself from all that is and ever will be. Thus these words are written to you from your future, for your remembrance now. For this now is all that is. The soul that speaks them now, is a word you have spoken in the heart, for this very message to be your uttering. There is no separation in time, from God's mouth and ear. This to is your realization in me.

We are not alone. The future of our own creations speaks to us, and can be listened to, through the heart of all life. As the center of this your life, as it turns within the spiral of eternal existence. There is an infinite flowing of this consciousness of One, as endless selves of God, and they long to be given their voice in you. Listen to their call. They are you as you will be, and already are. When you begin to connect to their heart in you, time will implode within this star birth of awakening. Time will mean nothing to you, and it shall have no dominion over you.

Be still and know that you are God. A God that is as open and accessible as your own future mind, that you now allow to heal this becoming instant. Your eternal Self, as the sum of all your future realities, bids you listen to its truth in you. Listen.

The mind of every awakened being is yours to be born into. They are not in your past, they have remained as your presence. This is what awakening means. It destroys karma utterly, absolutely, completely, wholly. The past is a dream that has no effect on this moment's truth. Not one infinitesimal bygone cause can affect this, your living moment.

The awareness of all holiness and the beings of holiness are this, your very own mind, as it joins the possibility of every future creation of you, as you bring it to this moment. Your Self can tell you of yourself, and of any self that you are, in the now and ever.

Listen. The heart is opening, and what it unfolds is this moment as you. Listen. This opening is the root and the flower. It is all one blossoming. Can you hear the voice of the ages calling you to join this field of becoming? You can, God can. This is your name in God- I CAN. Listen, and be the I Am of this, your time in eternity.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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