Solar Climax

Solar Climax
Art by Norman E. Masters

This Passion of Knowing


When you are spirit-animated
your cup runs over in its fullness
still filling...

Oh, the fullness!

Effervescencing ecstasy kindles your soul
into uplifting fervor and love.

Let it flow out, & fountain forth 
as Her deepest heart*soul-speak.

Your heart's numinous capacities radiate
like a star, Goddess-ward & earth-ward,
in beauty, purity & grace.

Strong as a tempest, wild as a rushing river
She sweeps you along into your own heart's
soaring song for Her...


There is food for dreams
in those bright eyes
chasing rainbows over your heart...

Dreams of futurity and of goodness
are among the highest truths
coming from the depths of your soul.

Give yourself over to Her wise ends
& a gentleness of example.

Accessing the goodness you are/ 
She *is* -- in you... radiating out...
begets a holy feeling -- 
in an embrace of souls that refreshes...

In Her the spirit of joy is pure & whole
& there is divine bliss, in being this holy...

Write a new love*song for Her
with a melody that reaches in so deeply
that your tears of deepest feeling
will be falling as you count holy...

& *be* that holy, yourself...
as you feel Her infilling, Her spirit  
uplifting you into soaring joy...


Music, too, can come bearing
the eucharist of love
unto the mystery of each other,
with words of simple beauty,
like flowerings of flowing song
blossoming in the sun of knowing
where spirit is as simple as form.

Only the awakened heart
can come to know
the deepest secrets of the soul.

You will feel an ineffable joy
as you become, yourself, 
a  mystic light, radiating
into our breathing world...

& there will be those
who will drink delight
from just the sight of
your heavenly smiles...


Such sweetness & depth
in the sanctitude of loving eyes
colored with mortal blood
& alit with wisdom divine,
bright & serene above 
lips that are sweet & joyful.

To simply be
into exquisite touch
with all this divine beauty:
nature's own designs
seen as being full 
of mystical attraction
-- all this wonder
in a passion of knowing,

Indeed, the Divine Heart of the Universe
is *delighted* 
to be manifesting Herself
so shiningly as *you*!

~~wynn manners
[revised 30.Nov.05]

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