Our Mother who art
present in all life, in all Loving,
Generatrix of all gods & goddesses, of all living souls
-- holy is Your Essence.

Thy Pleroma COME, Thy Heart of Light be manifest thru our own hearts of love, evolving this world to a very Paradise.

When we seek Thee in purity of heart, in willingness to LOVE -- overflowingly, abundantly (rather than seeking rewards for ambition, willfullness, blind obedience & conformity) grace us with Thy Holy Breath as the Wine of our lives; and give savoriness to the Bread of your Body when we partake of it.

If we (when tempted into egotism) trespass against the Highest Good, betraying our own Highest Self (the Light-Spark of our spirit that is Your Divine Essence) -- lead us gently unto reproval that we learn & grow from our mistakes; & then guide us again unto the Truth of You.

Help us learn to give unto others as fulsomely as YOU have so beneficiently given unto us.

Guide our yearning hearts HOME -- to the bliss of Your Essence; help us see thru the illusions & delusions that plague our minds & inhibit our soul's growth -- for Thou art our Source, our Sustenance, & the Apotheosis of all our fondest dreams.


~~ Norea St. John

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