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Naming Yourself

Name yourself within an idea of perfect representation. For an eon your spiritual name has been appearing within you to be this star of light's denomination. Accept with faith the name that comes to you to be seen within and be the light of this name. It is love's emblem that the spirit discloses as a notion of creation.

All forms are the conceptual names of you, for they are baptized as your discernment in the plurality of being. God multi-facets holiness as vision, that vision be returned, to one act of seeing. A name that seeks to define is a jail of omission, one that limits this world and your intimate participation of it. Rather, a name should be opened as a transient symbol of recognition of that which cannot be named in itself.

All names are redundant to the heart's awareness, for like colors, they are hues manifested of the one bright light of love. Yet, as you flower within the soul's seedbed of time, it is good to entitle your process with a epithet of meaning that speaks of your claim to perfect divinity. Such naming of yourself is a series of coronations that you both aspire to and hold as your truth.

It is fitting that you take upon yourself both the name and its image, that you inscribe within that symbol the geometry of your awareness. Such a name is a mandala of consciousness, one born to you from this longing to be known in God. This name is a sacred trust you design in semblance of that which cannot be formed, that you move ennobled into the nobility of love. A circle of mystery that you draw around your heart for you to disappear within.

A spiritual name is a cipher, from which the computation of being can be qualified. A bridge you walk upon, to be the span of its inspiration. Thus it is a key in the lock of self and a portrait of your desire to be visible to that gaze that is the sun of light that radiates you.

This living within a name is an initiation of concealment into openness. That which you delineate to be you, hold forth as its reality; and its intent becomes you. You take upon the quality and aspect of that holiness, and live within its reverence. It is never a question of worthiness; indeed we choose a name that must be ascended within; but no name you anoint yourself with is too majestic for your reality.

A name is a crown and apparel to wear as a sacrament, an observance that is the light of guidance we shine before us. It is the robe within which we image love in both the soul and the world, a gift that we bestow upon eternal spirit. Pledge yourself within a name. This name, if given with adoration, will become the remembrance of your eminence in the cosmos of love's myriad names. It shall manifest as the attribute of our passion for sincerity; and it shall utter us in the hearts of others. Foster a dialogue of the heart with this image and name that you are becoming; and make of it a mirror through which you envision your soul's flowering.

Love names you for Herself. Adorn Her with that beauty that is your chosen name. There is a galaxy of You, you have already created, a constellation of Love's domain born from regions beyond time. It calls you, as it extends the cosmos of your creations. It shall call you by the name that your love gives itself to - as you. Sooner or later we shall give back to God what is Hers; and She will rush to fulfill us in the name of Her. We are one name spoken together by one tongue of light. In God's silence we are uttered into being.


I am not my prayer, but your prayer.
I am not my breath, but your breath.
I am not my image, but your image.
I am not my heart but your heart.
I am the voice of your divinity
  translated through me.
I am your sincerity, not mine.
I am not the light of a candle,
  but the light of a million candles,
  and I will be more,
  for you have lit the universe
  and asked me to be greater.
I but answer - Yes.
I can.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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