Lotus of the Eternal Night

Lotus of the Eternal Night
Art by Jonathon Earl Bowser

Background by Montserrat

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mothwings & starfire

nightflight into the depths of Her
mothwings & starfire
& a sense of ascent that is ever-higher

your essence was formed in starmind
coalescence of Essence into flaming fecundity!
birthing worlds... gestating
organic bodies of sensitive awareness
from the dusts of stars...

there are fluctuations in the flux,
influx... outpourings...
heart & soul soarings...

there are fluctuations in feelings,
in degree of creativity...
it comes hard, it comes soft...

how gorgeous you are, being Sophia...
starmind... creating...
reverence, itself, a numinous ecstasy...

such sweet release --
all your consciousness love*seeds
*into* Her...

you come out of Goddess
into a confidence you have never had before,
borne of Her numinosities,
enwrapped in Her Immortal Presence
not even death, now, can daunt you.

you have been remembering things
that are yet to happen!

walk on into your own future
& the future of womaning
perceiving the Way of Goddess's Goodness

a New Spirit is arising
in the core of wo/manity
your mind has been sown
with star*seeds

nightwomb... seeds of stars...
the need of the universe
to more fully *live*!

~~wynn manners
March 23, 2007

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