Global Light Penetrance

Art by Norman E. Masters


by Michael Tobin

WHAT ARE WE HERE ON EARTH FOR??? This is a question which is now being asked by many people the world over -- as the accelerating decay of traditional patriarchal religious creeds renders all the old answers asunder -- showing them to be utterly false and without any real foundation.

THE TRUE ANSWER TO THIS FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION IS VERY SIMPLE: -- As a collective, the function of Humankind is to be the Brain and Nervous System of the Living Earth. And, as individual human beings, our life-task is to develop ourselves in a way that will contribute best to this global collective function. When seen from this Nature-affirmative point of view, the whole existing technocratic world and its anti-life ways seem to be absurd, destructive, and insane.

WE HUMANOIDS ARE COSMIC BEINGS. We are manifestations of Creative Spirit in human form. We are, therefore, gods in our own right; and so we must act as such. The local galactic evolutionary process which has produced the Solar System and ourselves demands that we transform our human kind into veritable moral and spiritual giants. As a collective, our mighty task is to consciously and purposefully act as the instrument through which the Divine Design for the Earth and the wider Solar System can be implemented in practice.

TO LIVE TRULY IS TO ALIGN OUR LIVES WITH THE DIVINE DESIGN. Now, the Divine Design is embodied in the ever on-going evolutionary process which is the Solar-System. So to align our lives with the Divine Design means to live in full dynamic harmony with this continuing cosmic process of change and development. Basically, we individual humans consist of three Selves, i.e. a Basic Self, a Middle Self, and a Higher Self -- roughly, Body/Mind/Spirit. Each of these Selves operate in different levels of Reality. So, while they must work in harmony together, they must at the same time function according to the natural rhythms of their respective levels.

OUR BODY/MIND/SPIRIT SYSTEM expresses the 3 Primal Qualities embodied in our "Psi-Stream" process. So, roughly speaking, Body = Vitality; Mind = Intelligence; and Spirit = Will. But these three Primal Qualities can only find their fullest expression in a Body/Mind/Spirit system which functions properly according to its own innate laws. Hence, the body must be a free-flowing bio-energetic process whose natural rhythms of change and development are fully in tune with the cosmic bio-rhythms of Mother Nature. The Mind in its functioning must reflect the cosmic purpose embodied in the evolutionary process. While the Spirit must be free to maintain the creative drive which is required if it is to play its full part in the promotion of this dynamic cosmic process.

A FULLY-FLEDGED SOLAR-AGE HUMANITY will emerge as a direct result of children being born and brought up within the framework of a social environment embodying this tremendous Solar-Age Vision in practice. It will be in and through this Holy Way that the coming mighty Overleap in psycho-social evolution shall be made.


LET US CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF THE SOLAR-AGE!!! It is coming not with a fanfare of trumpets but with a Whisper -- a truly Divine Whisper that one day will become a mighty Roar of Joy.

The earth at the moment may be enveloped in a pall of spiritual darkness. But right across the face of our little planet are appearing speckles of light which the deep murk cannot hide. It is at these points that the Earth is becoming supercharged with the Breath of the Divine.

Each of these points of Light is a person who has turned aside from the insane hustle and bustle of conventional technocratic existence and is listening to the Divine Whisper echoing in the chambers of her or his Soul.

And with the sheer music of this Whisper is felt a Presence -- at once majestic and superbly grand -- commanding the listener to walk in step with the Great Creator along that Universal Highroad which only Cosmic Beings can tread on.

It is this Divine Whisper which should always be our true Guide in everything. But to hear it clearly and without distortion one's whole body/mind/spirit system must function as the Creator wishes. There is no question about our taking any other way apart from this one. For we have been created to be gods on Earth -- gods fulfilling the Divine Design.

Our Source of Being and Becoming is Spirit -- the Creative Force which is immanent in all things and all processes. And WE are now the means through which this essentially spiritual Creative Force is manifesting itself in the human world on our planet.

To be at One with this Creative Power is to be at peace with ourselves -- because it is to function according to the rhythms of the Evolutionary Process which produced us in the first place. It is to fulfill the true and real Purpose of our kind. Only in so living can we really know who we are -- can we really discover our true identity.

The New Humanity now emerging on Planet Earth is rapidly becoming the consicous and purposeful Spearhead of the Evolutionary Process that is the Solar System. More and more this New Humanity is becoming aware that it is an indispensable instrument of the Creative Force in furthering the future evolution of the whole circum-solar arena.

This and nothing less is our real Destiny. We are both the Created and the Creators. Cosmic Spirit is not some distant god-out-there but is that Creative Power which works in and through all material processes including the phenomenon of our human kind. As manifestations of this Creative Force in human form, our task is to give ourselves totally to the actualization of the Cosmic Process of the Materialization of Spirit in our local area of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The moment to do this is now. This is what the Divine Whisper in our depths is telling us. Each one of us must make up our own minds to follow the promptings being heard ever more loudly in our spiritual ears. And in making that fateful decision our lives will be completely changed; while the development of the Solar-Age will become more and more real and tangible. With each such fateful decision a new Point of Light bursts forth on the face of our planet -- announcing that yet another Soul has answered the Call of the Solar-Age Divine.

Hmmmmm5, Art by Norman E. Masters

(A Voice of the Celtic Folk-Soul)
1 June 1985     No. 23

Harepark, Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland.

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