Art by Norman E. Masters

Seeking You,
O Holy Wisdom

In the majestic spaces under heaven
Above the altars of marble and wood
Quiet voices still echo from the stones
In the eternal silence
Hymns of Praise, Cries of despair
Prayerful petitions of every type
Raising skyward on incense smoke
Seeking You, Beseeching You
O Holy Lady, O Holy Spirit
O Holy Wisdom
Illumination, like a shaft of sunlight
In a pitch dark world
Offering ascension, promising deliverance
From the tragedy of separation
Promising an end to the torment
Of the eternal yearning
To return to you.

March 12, 2004

I can still remember
when I try

I can still remember when I try
Faintly, before I was born
When I  didn't exist, when there was only You
Even now that peace is here
Promising me hope and relief
Now I have been taken from you
Torn away from the source of Love
Existing moment to moment, day to day
In this illusory world of pain
I know it isn't real
Only You are Reality
But I am here, bereft of your touch
As far away as the universe,
As far away as my heartbeat
I long to return
To lose the I again
So there are no differences any longer
As I always remember it should be.

March 12, 2004

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