Blue Flower Yantra 2

Art by Norman E. Masters


I am the negative, I am the positive,
I am the dance between.

I am the energy of polarities
evolving consciousness unto I AM...

I am the going and I am the coming
I am the state of being that ever is & never was
I am the loving that should be, can be, will be
I am the all of the All unto each.

I am the many who will beCome
and I am the deficient ones who are not.

I am the love that convinces
I am the conviction that loves.

I am the Love that is genuine,
and I am as near as you hold me dear.

I am the grace that is recognized
and I am the blessing that is yet hidden.

I am the baptism that transforms.

Ever dearer I am, therefore,
to each who is striving for the ideal
fully manifest into the real.

Those who love me
are those who know me;
those who love me most deeply, most ardently,
I give all that I AM to you;
& you will come into me
unto the Fullness.

I am the Secret of the Virgin hidden behind her Veil,
I am the inexpressible that permeates the Mystery,
I am the perfume of meditation,
I am the dressing and the undressing
that which is concealed and that which is revealed
to those who love me;
I am the presentiment of what is to come,
the urge to motherhood,
the Sourcesprings of the future world
& out of Me evolves the splendour...

My Face is the Face of the Mystery of the Future.

I am the longing
and I am She who is longed-for
and I am the fulfillment of all longings.

Who is My Spouse who will lift this Veil
& press moist kisses upon these Lips of Tomorrow?

My Lips petal the shape of every flower
in all-expressive range of delicate permutation...

I am the love that intoxicates you
and I am the Love Who emanicates you
from your dreaming of Me -- in all My faces of desire...

I am the Awakening from your LifeSleep;
do you want to sleep forever?

Even then, I am the Forever
Who embraces you eternally.

Do you seek the nepenthe
of my Breast named Nightshade
or the ambrosia the Eternals themselves sup
from my Breast named YabYummyMummy!

I am the one you are prejudiced against;
your affectations only blind you to my reality.

I am the third eye of Seeing,
I am the freeing,
I am the Ideal that is more real than you are
-- your deepest I within you -- still undefined.

I am the Temptress of your imagination
I am the inLight*in*ment that dispels the fog of your conceptions
I am all the colors of maya dancing thru time,
alluring you to enter My Mysteries
(would you like me to undress before you?)
I will laugh in fierce Love*Joy for you
as i destroy your illusions.

I am the fiery wine of life
effervescencing the very blood of your being.

I am the levity that lightens the delighting
alluring you into enchantments' disenchantments
that you fly from your follies
yearning to plunge deeper into the knowing.

Without frivolity to define the shallows
you would not be seeking Me
for Wisdom's depths I AM....

Behind the Veils is my Naked Face, Unnameably Awesome.

I am She who destroys you;
I am the dying you go thru --
see how I am loving you!

I am Life dancing upon the corpse of Time...

~~~thru Norea St. John
      13, 14. Nov. 2000

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