Light Connections 4

Light Connections 4
Art by Norman E. Masters

Sophia, Our Inward Wisdom

We all carry Sophia as our most inward wisdom, our spiritual DNA yearning for expression.

Perhaps, through us, Sophia is working out some grand conflict between unity and multiplicity.

It is through the gateway of hell that we see heaven most clearly, love it most dearly.

Hate is the dark face of love.
Forgiveness is the alchemist.
Forgiveness is not accepting
but transforming with love.

Self-healing is an inherent strength of life.

I am grateful, not just personally, but because Sophia and Gaia must heal Themselves of the abusive neglect, rape, and demonization that we have heaped upon them.

Self-healing must arise naturally out of the admission of an-other.


The goddess,
in all her identity,
answers my prayer
as soon as I issue it.


Love calls Sophia

Forth from exile in darkness

Into shining light

God/Goddess need us with our separation
to fulfill their nature as Love.
Love cannot exist solely as a noun,
but needs to enverb itself.
Voila: here we are,
in all our multiplicity.

Prayers are really questions, the answers to which are dependent both on divine grace and human grit. "My" grit takes preference over divine grace. Ah, but acknowledging the synergy between divine grace and human grit leads not to skinniness but to health -- a far more holistic and holy outcome. Moreover, I end up with more than a pile of grit and all it rhymes with; I end up with the gift of human grace. That is worth trusting Sophia for.

Our wounds are the womb of our growth and insight.

I feel like The Truth is writing itself through me.

An interior Spirit, a "Muse" that is wiser than I know myself to be, is speaking through me now. If this thought is pride, it is a very humbling kind of pride, asking me to share my authorship, my authority. I am willing.

More and more, I believe that You are helping me in this endeavor.

May the Goddess love us and dance
in the fields of our friendship.
May the Sun/Son shine on our merriment.

Merry Hall
January, June 2001

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