Seeds of Possibility

Art by Norman E. Masters

ambrosia of the eternals

With what joy! you sweeten our lives, Sophia.
Your serenity is a balm that calms the pure of heart.

You are the eternally dynamic dance of the Divine
into time, Shekhina; your loveglow of light is
the day*shine of our living, coruscating & iridescent
across the skies of morning...

Your joy-laughter lingers in echoes
of fading tinkling bells, moon*chimes,
blending into a canticle of birdsong.

You are the Shekhina of Peace who is come
to soothe our souls, so tenderly, so all-generously.
O bounteous abundance of Your loving!
Your Love is a cornucopia -- all the fruits of paradise.

The tranquillity of universal Silence
in the star-glow of Your womb
settles upon my soul like moondust...

You sweeten my lips with the ambrosia of the eternals.

~~wynn manners

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