Energy Jizm Oval

Energy Jizm Oval
Art by Norman E. Masters

Portal to the Beyond

Time is a portal to the beyond
and our lives are a passing thru the doorways of time...

The primordial Secrets of Life -- hitherto unimaginable, beyond human ken, are being discovered in the laboratories of time -- as minds labor to decipher the heiroglypics of existence...

From the fountaining of the World*Mind dawns a new kind of intelligence... an Earth Consciousness attuned to the Galactic Consciousness -- as an increasingly post-human world enters the wonder & mystery of an expanding awareness of the larger universe, uni-diversifying, multiverses multiplying... Cosmic Mind the fructifying catalyst...

The winds of proto-history are blowing away all our intimacies of yesterday... & where have the memories gone? Old songs deja vu their piquant refrains; new songs send our consciousnesses soaring, then resonating with the substratum energies that birthed existence itself... proto-gnosis... meta-logos, something undefined & undefinable is *re*defining "reality"!

The winds of post-history blow away the old times; the fountains of the mind spurt new thought ecstasies, the once-primordial seeds of life mutate towards all the living wonders still to be explored, exploding the deification of old mythologies, emancipating the inner divinity unto new realms of ecstatic creativity, awe of the sublime no long sublimated -- fully emancipated into the ecstasy!

Beyond human ken -- the transhumans are among us, mind-linked in supramental fusion...

~~ wynn manners
June 10, 2001

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