Sacred Union

Sacred Union
Artist Unknown

Living Mirror
of Divine Bliss

It was *fun* for her, being near to him;
she would light-up as with none other.

He was aware of how much fun it was for him,
too... & for him, it was an experience
of being near unto a Living Mirror of Divine Bliss.

It was her craving for Him that led to
His cleaving with Her...

They are stairs, for us... steps along the way
of the soul's ascent, this love they shared
& *still* share -- wherein her earthiness
became his sacrament, grounding him, rooting him
into *Her*. There was an underlying birth
of what *She* was birthing into *his* consciousness.

Mary Magdalene connected him to the Eternal Woman
with*in* himself! From this connection came
the real accomplishments of *both* of them.

The transcendent Father accomplishes nothing here
until fruitfully joined with our immanent Mother.

From this *union* the All continues coming forth.

~~wynn manners
December 2, 2005

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