Gleams of Light


This New Day caresses your sensitivity as you focus upon the sacred center of your life.

Embraced by Silence -- within & without -- deepening into the timelessness that touches in to Eternity, reminders of the deepest commitment of your heart & mind & soul surface to revivify your purpose. A sense of renewed direction infills your being, deepening purpose & your hope for aspirations fulfilled.

You enter this day with a renewed will and willingness towards accomplishing endeavors borne from the Heart of Light, within. Flexible, creative intelligence conjoined with a compassionate heart advance these aspirations the furthest.

~~~ Norea St. John

"But I say to you, as for what you seek after
and inquire about, behold, it is within you..."

~~Jesus Christ
            "The Dialogue of the Savior"


DARK URGES surface to cloud your heart's
aspirations.  Roiling war within!  Irascible
words, heart closing in with anger and pain...
unjust attacks from all-too-human insensitivity
...self-centered narcosis...  You wrap around
your wounds like a flower closing its petals
upon itself, feeling your lifeblood leak
into the darkness...  The need to heal...

O heart!  Hard times come to test the
perfecting of character.  This is an
opportunity to grow more than even before!

Tears salt your wounds with their stinging
flavor...  Your life has not lost its
savoriness.  Self-pity is too selfish for
*you*!  You are here to fulfill all that you
most-deeply-are -- & can be.  Every next moment
is still pregnant with possibility.  And in the
mirror of Eternity there is dawn in your eyes.

Sweet sacred Spirit Who comes to soothe the
wounded depths of the dark-within with Her
gentle balm -- SEE! -- Her Holy Presence makes
darkness itself luminous!  And from Her
resonant Silence echoing your heart, bright
wonderment will grow in a firmament of hope!
~~~ Norea St. John

"If one does not stand in the darkness, he will
not be able to see the light."

--Jesus Christ
          "The Dialogue of the Savior"


"Love is the only power."

Love is the song the angels sing.

Love is the Divine Mother of every soul; Love
is the Divine Father's Essence -- in unity with
the Mother of the All.  Love is the womb that
births the Living Christs.  Love is the milk
of Life from the breasts of the Mother of Radiances.

Love is the innermost transformation.  Love
is the evolution of spiritual consciousness
-- spiraling unto infinity,
metamorphosing unto divinity.

Love is life's deepest meaning, providing
the Grace to transcend all pain.  Love is the
Alpha of hope, the Omega of hope's fulfillment.

Be -- in Love. Become Love's fullness.
~~~ Norea St. John

"The disciples said to Jesus, 'Tell us how our
end will be.' Jesus said, 'Have you discovered,
then, the beginning, that you look for the end?
For where the beginning is, there will the end
be. Blessed is he who will take his place in
the beginning; he will know the end and will
not experience death.'"

--Jesus Christ
--Loggia 18, "The Gospel According To Thomas"

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