Art by Norman E. Masters

A Kiss of Presence

Sophia Speaks:

I am the silent night of the grave... I move the molecules of what you were into the flowers -- to blossom a different kind of beauty. I move the molecules of what you were into the trees, to leaf & breathe oxygen into the air.

I practice beneficially for the sake of all life...

I alter everything... values, too... I am ready to change the rules!

I am fluid. I seep thru semi-permeable membranes. I am the energy of thought; I pass thru matter, unseen. No walls can hold me in; no walls can shut me out. Even walls of doubt... I seep thru...

I slide *in* to you, a nuzzle of a memory, a Kiss of Presence... a Dream that troubles you deeply, that you discern more understandingly.

I put your brains on fire! I stir your desire.

You must go higher than the highest evolution, you know -- to know me fully!

When it comes time for the last integration, realizing the lessons learned from the Temptation of Christ helps...

And God said, "Now flow thru this time, thru that time, thru one time to another."

And so I flow... with the very Blood of Life, the sap of existence...

The future and the past both flow into the now...

Yet what do years mean... centuries... millenia -- in Our Eternity?

Enter my Temple of Sacramental Presence -- & strive with all your heart & mind & soul to know me more wholly.

~~ norea st. john
April 8, 2007

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