Earth Autumn Winter

Earth Autumn Winter
Art by Jonathon Earl Bowser
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Maternal Love

Stars loom overhead, power shines forth, twinkling, making the presence of the Gods known to the dark Maine skies. A white cloud of stardust appears overhead. This dust was known to the Greeks as milk streamed from the breast of the Goddess, Rhea. I place my lips to Her bosom and suckle. As I devour Her, I am devoured in Her sweetness.

The Stanzas of Dyzan say, "Darkness radiates light and light drops one solitary ray into the Mother's depths". Tonight I am the receiver of that ray manifesting as the stars over my head, or that are in my head. The Dark that receives the Light on this night is myself.

The cold wind snakes around my naked torso, tantalizing the backs of my legs, my buttocks, and my genitals. Sophia's seductive hands explore Her newborn baby, what She has created from within Herself. I am a spitting image of Her.

Sophia's love is my power. I want to hide from this intensity within for I fear getting lost in it. I want to run in shame. Yet, the wind howls Her arctic calls. Ecstasy overtakes me. Love saturates every cubicle of air that I breathe. I surrender to Her.

Sophia's maternity reeks in the hidden depths of the wind. I am set aflame in Her erotic hot fluids. This sweetness of surrender is an intensity experienced in that split-second orgasmic moment where the nose clears and I am no more. Her maternal flames inundate the freezing cold air. The scents of my sacrificed body reach into the heavens and tantalize Her blood-red lips. All that is left of me is Her love. I am left with nothing except Her sweetness. From this sacrifice a new life is found within. I am the resurrected Son. It is in this process of death that I remember who I really am, the eternal Son of Sophia.

9 Dec 2002

Mold with loving hands
These tremulous bounds
In sleep She suckles me
With soft love our eyes meet.

Turn me over to Winter, Beloved.
Let these weary eyes fall into sleep
In this eternal dark I melt and die
Only to arise again in Spring's wake.

15 Dec 2003


Burl B. Hall

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