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Prayer Sutra

Be a wordless prayer, then you shall share that intent with all life. Be a simple prayer, then the aim of that intent can reach directly to its Source. Be a loving prayer, then it will have the power of your desire. Learn to pray and you shall be in tune with the Universe. You will have harmonized with the eternal. With Love. With the vibrations of transcendence. With the attraction of God.

Remember also, everything has its own prayer. All living things pray with their nature, and with their form. See all sentient beings as the appearance of prayer. Learn to pray each moment. Make your mind a temple always echoing with prayer. When you are gardening or just walking, when you are working or just sitting, when you are driving or talking, be a silent prayer. When you are reading or watching television, be mindful of your prayer.

Use all energy as your prayer. Your sexual nature is your prayer; your body is your prayer; your impulse to love is your prayer. Your time in this moment of desire is your prayer. Pray in the belly of God. Pray in the heart of God. Pray in the delight of God's ecstasy. Live in the pleasure of God.

Everything you do, make it your prayer. Make your deepest feelings your prayer. Be gentle with yourself. When you do a task, a chore, or fix a thing, when you do your work, no matter what it is, make this part of your prayer. Part of you is always a prayer that you abide within. When you work in prayer like this you bring grace to your actions, you become mindful of your prayer. You become graceful.

You move in prayer. You manifest your prayer. You become a service. Extend this prayer in service to others. When you can help, be helpful, no matter how seemingly insignificant that help may be. It is a service to Holiness. It is your prayer. Be helpful.

Become used to the feel of your prayer. It will have a special quality to it that only your unique soul can provide. Be receptive to the voice of the Holy Self that prays you into being every moment. Be receptive and allow. It will be your singular song, your expression of Love; and that Love will express itself through you. When you are distressed, remember your prayer, and you will not forget yourself. You will feel the Love that is your prayer. You will be remembered by the Universe. You will be manifest as your prayer.

When you are happy, remember your prayer, and joy will be yours. Make gratitude your prayer. Make time to be alone in your prayer. Your prayer will continue without prompting from you. Become the listener; it will lead you to a Holy instant of pure prayer. Carry that instant of prayer as a hymn disclosing your prayer. The heart will sing your prayer.

Your prayer will make you strong and useful for Creation. You will work miracles. Remember, prayer is the medium of miracles. Your prayer will put you in a state of miracle-readiness. You will demonstrate the power of your prayer in a million ways. Be you the prayer that is sung behind all you do. Make no effort in this. Rest in the thought of prayer. When you go to sleep think peacefully of your prayer. Angels of Light will listen with you. When you wake, they will stay to sing in your prayer.

Keep in your prayer. To help, choose a word or name. Let this be your key. Your prayer key. Say that word or name silently. And you will reconnect consciously to your prayer, to Yourself. Go into your closet. Into your heart. Pray in your heart. Let your head be a listener to the song of the heart. Your spiritual heart is a treasure beyond imagination. It is the gateway to all Sacredness. Make it the place of your prayer. Make it your prayer mat, the temple of your devotion.

Your prayer will draw down Light into your being, and your being will be magnified in Light. Your prayer will convert the energy of your soul. Your prayerful heart will transform all negativity into possibility, into love's unfolding potential. Into prayer. Each second of awareness of your prayer directs your focus on the Divine, and endless beauty of your Self. Prayer is the communication of Love to Love. Prayer is a blessing; it blesses all that you do.

When something must be done, put your prayer in front of you; then pay no more heed to future events. Your prayer will make the crooked straight. Do everything prayerfully and your whole life shall be a prayer to endless life.

A prayer is a smile that comes from the heart and is given to the heart. It is a Yes to Life. It is a Yes to God. Be that Yes. Prayer is a centering of your life. It is the center of Sacred. Let your own breath be the coming in and going out of your prayer. It will anchor your awareness to You.

Your prayer is a recognition of your Godliness. You acknowledge with gratitude your own creative power, and the Love that sustains you. In sickness and in health be your prayer. Your prayer is a healing. Its harmony invokes wholeness. Always include your body in your blessings, in your prayer. Prayer is change; it is the act of creation. This is your eternal prayer.

Each prayer has the power to save the world, for it is Love, and there is nothing stronger. Each soul is the medium of prayer. Each one can save the world. Prayer is the savior of every degradation. It uplifts the lowliest. It is the wind of inspiration. It is the prayer of love.

Prayer is generosity. Pray ceaselessly, and you become generous with yourself. You become a giving, an act of devotion, an orison. Abundance comes through prayer. It ignites a desire, and illumines your passionate Will. You manifest the form of prayer. The cosmos rushes to fulfill you and all you determine to do. Prayer is creation in action. Its power is the faith that moves mountains. It turns all things to your favor and good. Prayer trusts all things, and permits all things to be Holy. It allows God to express God in you, and in all you see. Everything is the appearance of your prayer.

Be the form of prayer and you shall become reverent. You shall revere and be revered by the Divine. The world will be made Harmless and you shall do no harm. You will be meek as Love. The lion of your self will lay down with the Lamb of your Self. You shall inherit the earth, and the Universe will sing your praise.

Being meek you will not force humility upon yourself, nor on others. You will walk in the grandeur of your prayer, and see that grandeur everywhere. Nothing becomes you more than your prayer. Nothing expresses the love that you are, more than your prayer. It may be action; it may be non-action. Both these states will be the movement of love, will pray you into existence as the form of prayer.

Be a blessing to everyone. Bless them even in the death throes of hatred. Bless them even in the extremis of dissolution. Bless them even though your death may be their blessing. Bless them even though their death is yours. Bless them.

Something else must be said about prayer. You are that something. You are the next prayer of creation. Trust in the love that gives you its heart, its voice in the world.

May your heart unfold perfectly
every divine mystery within you.

May your soul blossom
in the light of the One Love.

May you find the divinity
of God to be the center of your being,
and may that not be enough.

May you travel on into God Herself
to become the rose of all hearts
both here and in eternity.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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