Temple of Yab Yum 9

Art by Norman E. Masters

Why Has Her Existence Been Mysteriously Obscured?

"...why has Her existence been mysteriously obscured?" -- Evan Randolph
from http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/6776/

This is a subtly different Question than the previous two. In Evan's formulation of this Question we can see Her Spirit *stirring him* to reveal that there is a "Mystery" behind this obscuring of the very *existence* of the Divine Feminine.

There are long-range Forces at work here whose fuller Meaning & Divine Evolution our temporally-enchained-perspective cannot *see*.

There have been some things *gained* thru the patriarchal overlordship of the past two millenia (with lots of attendant losses, too). For example, it is the patriarchal thrust -- thru science -- which invented the World Wide Net -- which enables everyone tuned-in to communicate with *anyone else* on the entire planet who is similarly tuned-in. The freedom of thought, the freedom of sharing, the freedom of religion this begets -- where information, now, can be stored *anywhere* on the planet -- in hidden form -- is *tremendous*! What orthodoxy *did* -- in wiping out the Gnostic Scriptures -- cannot *happen* any more, as long as the Net is functional. It takes us into the noosphere!

*Now* the Feminine Divine is being communicated over the Net -- worldwide! This would not have *happened* without the *interim* of the one-eyed, half-blindness of the patriarchally-biased religions -- during their period of reign.

Their time is *done* -- & we are in the spasms of a New Birth.

There are inevitable consequences from the *repression* of the expression of the Divine Feminine over the past (approximately) 1600 years. This builds up a *tremendous* force in what has been *suppressed* for so very long! The suppression *intensifies* the puissance of the *freeing* in Her Spirit. The deep (& unanswered -- by conventional religions) human need for the Feminine Divine -- in Her *fullness* -- serves to deepen, considerably, our *devotion* to Her. The *injustices* of over 2000 years *fires* us *alive* -- *fuels* our expressiveness; & we will be *Silenced* no longer!

This *potency* (resulting from suppressing the Divine Feminine) begets a *tremendous* upwelling (from Her WellSprings so deeply buried by the Silencing) -- towards the inSpirited evolution of consciousness.

The speaking of Her Spirit (thru widely divergent movements such as Wicca, neo-Paganism, the "New Age") is *not* going away. Being *excluded* from the patriarchal churches the Divine Feminine surfaces *elsewhere* in dynamic inSpirited growth, as the dead institutions bury their own dead, and slowly die back, of natural causes.

When the True Spirit is *absent* -- true seekers go *elsewhere*.

Because the Living Christ Consciousness was *excluded* from orthodox Christianity, it had to speak thru a female *atheist* (at that time) to give a Christic sequel to The Gospel According To John -- A Course In Miracles.

Orthodox religions' *silencing* the True Spirit (replacing Her with their repetitious imitations) begets the alternate spiritual movements -- which become, over the course of the centuries, orthodoxy's *replacements*.

Relative to those of us who love the Divine Feminine as *Sophia*Shekhina* (with *all* our hearts, with *all* our minds, with *all* our spiritual essence of being & becoming) the obscuring of Her existence only *deepens* our devotion. Indeed, as Sri Aurobindo wrote:

...he yearned to call for ever down
Her healing touch of love and truth and joy
Into the darkness of the suffering world.
His soul was freed and given to her alone.


*That* is what happens when Her Spirit *comes* to any who love Her (with the uttermost devotion of the *all* of their being) who have been marginalized, Silenced, their experiences *denied* & demonized by orthodoxy's blindness.

An example of the latter would be:

" ...the cult of Sophia is more general in its manner of expression [than the "God Is Dead" academic furore in the 1960's], appealing to the popular rather than to the academic mind. It is not limited to literary and oral exposition but is accompanied by rites and ceremonies, bringing with it an agenda for worship, a program for action, and its own ministry and mission. It's purpose is to enhance the value of women in society, and its manner of doing this is to project feminism onto ultimate reality or to enshrine womanhood as such in the very nature of the Godhead itself.    <....>

"It is pitiable that a group of feminist enthusiasts within the church find that the only way they can advance the cause of women in this 'Ecumenical Decade--Churches in Solidarity with Women' is to modify the doctrine of God to the degree that the feminine principle is made a part of the Godhead." ~~quoting from a retired Bishop of the United Methodist Church, Bishop William R. Cannon, from "The Cult of Sophia" which can be read in its entirety @ http://www.goodnewsmag.org/library/articles/cannon-ma94.htm

This retired Methodist bishop clearly does *not* understand the true purpose of what he *mis*labels "the cult of Sophia". Furthermore, the True Divine *has* no "doctrines"; only human religions, "seeing through a glass darkly" have "doctrines". The doctrine that the "feminine principle" is not "a part of the Godhead" is a doctrine of *men* which human-created religion falsely *attributes* to God.

The Bishop represents a *dying* Christianity that does not *begin* to recognize what is *really* happening! His (mis)understandings distort -- immensely -- what is *inSpiritedly* evolving.

7 "And this same woman, whom the world of mankind have rejected, (even as they rejected the stone which afterwards became the head of the corner,) the same, saith the Lord, hath become the Mother of the New Creation."

22 "For the ancient prophecy is now fulfilling, 'And the Bride shall appear, and she coming forth shall be seen, that is now withdrawn from the earth.' That is, in the dispensation of the Bride, Holy Mother Wisdom will come forth and be revealed in her true order; and will be known, even as the Eternal Father is known." ~~ Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom; Part VI; Chapter 2

The obscuring tests the *truth* of whether the authentic Holy Spirit is *alive* in contemporary (individual) Christians & their denominations. Those who *deny* Her existence reveal *implicitly* thereby that they know *not* the Holy Spirit -- in truth!

"Whenever I wish I shall reveal myself of my own accord."

"The Children of the Light know me.
I cast into them the eternally Holy Spirit."

                                        -- Mother Wisdom, Trimorphic Protennoia

But, finally, the "mysterious obscuring" of the very *existence* of the Divine Feminine begets -- in effect -- the Re:Generation of Her Mysteries! What has been obscured is "behind the Veil"; & that is very *alluring*, thereby, to any who would *know* Her most deeply!

as we feed upon Her Light
(o awesome delight!)
converging towards the divine center
merging into each other
(o delicatest touches
all over, all-thru...)
we become like one tongue
& one mind in the womb of Her ecstasies
singing the loving
-- emerging with wonder

                    ~~ wynn manners

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