Light Connections

Light Connections
Art by Norman E. Masters

Love is our surround

In a sense, we are all birthing, impregnating, and midwifing one another.

I am grateful every day that my true spiritual parents are God and Goddess. My true spiritual sisters and brothers are you. As a daily prayer, I offer, "Let my mind know and my heart feel heaven and earth conspire to inspire me."

There are no "right" answers to things -- just choices and forgivings and healings, all possible within the scope of love.

I thank heaven and earth that Love is the energy field into which we are conceived. Human failings do not have to destroy us, our own or others. It's not just that there's enough love to go around. Love is our "around," is our surround; we need only surrender to it.

Merry Hall

Jan. 19, 2001

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