Rainbow Dancer, Ethereal Queen

Rainbow Dancer, Ethereal Queen
Art by Ingrid Singing Grass
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Dancing The Divine Yes!

The drama of Her Mystery is the drama of the Cosmic Heart
come unto wo/manity, into time. She who has been neglected
& scorned, hated & reviled, maligned & misunderstood...
is here again, speaks into time, again... Mystery
keeps it open-ended as to what mysterious
unfoldments are yet to come...

The cries of the heart rock the weather wind
quake the churning tumult...
each cry as yes as the ever-shift
of the next drift of desire...
for desire moves the world
& reshapes the directions of lives...

When the shift of yes seeks the coalescence
of all that must be seeded & tendered & grown
in Her Garden of Promise, lushly alive into time, again...
such fruits to be savored from so much of Her bounty --
& in each suble flavor of paradise restored to us
*see* how much She has loved us and continues to love us.

She calls to our world on schedule; from the outside
of our awareness She is going *in*side to mutate the changes,
forever timing it just *now*; & the future that is
transpierced to provide cross-temporal guidance for today
spillsthrough in immanent leakdown -- seeding consciousnesses
that are open... yearning for the transformation.

Christ mixes with any other who is receptively open.
He lies within their own body,
interfusing heart-mind, soul-unto-wholeness.
Mutative fusion... it will never be the same again...

We dance like a thunderbolt in the stream of a dream
shazam!ing the marvellous transformation, sizzling
the dreams *alive*! -- for we are an entire dream company come true,
holy dancers thru time, dancing the Divine Yes! translucent
with a phraseology of luminence
that jizms a speak*spark!*ing relevance
to seekers, still, in the holy stillness, even eons in the future
this shout of wonder's ecstasy all awow into Her foreverness,
...still heard.

~~wynn manners

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