In The Magick Forest 2

In The Magick Forest 2
Art by Norman E. Masters

One Dreamer Dreaming Infinity

We are aspects of the Universal Dreamer. It is said that there is one Dreamer dreaming everything in such a way that the dream characters dream too. All over the world, from the Keres Pueblo Thinking Woman to the Bible's Word, the universe is a dream, a thought, an idea (i-dea... dea=divine) arising from the depths of the Beloved in whom we live.

I dream of Sophia yet She is the one dreaming me. In the "forest dream," She says "AND I command you," meaning She is the one dreaming me, the dreamer, and it is by Her Will that I do what I do.

Sophia, the Divine Wisdom, is She any different than Thinking Woman? Are we all, beneath the surface level of fragmentation, a united species? I get this sense of a united humanity beneath the surface...the north, east, south and west.

There is one Dreamer dreaming an infinity of dreamers dreaming.


Burl B. Hall

August 2, 20011

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