Rainbow Glow Transition 2

Rainbow Glow Transition 2
Art by Norman E. Masters

His Eyes Twinkled...

His eyes twinkled with soft wonder as he spoke with her.
He saw a rootedness to her -- Bride of Earth
and Bride of Heaven, both -- Heaven
come to Earth & Earth rising to Heavenliness.

She was his Earth; she grounded him;
he was her Heaven -- expanding her.

Her Body*Song, as she danced for him,
sang thru his entire being, moving him intensely,
as he'd never experienced before with any other woman.
The full suggestiveness of her Body*Song's meanings
were strangely elusive to him -- ever-changing,
sometimes like a living flame,
the way she would sway...
other times like the singing wind thru leaves
of the almond trees, or like the sighing
grasses quivering on the plains,
caressed by a teasing breeze...
Other times, still, like the
shifting grace of cumulus clouds
airy & sylph-like...
her every movement
singing thru his whole being.

But it takes two
to bring harmony to a song of love
& it *spark!ed* between them -- as he felt
more of those magickal meanings mystically
unveiling in each enchanting meeting with her..

She come unto him
as loving Ananda's passionate exuberance.

She lit-up for him; he lit-up for her.
Spark & fire... burning higher...
Whose becomingness was beckoning
unto whom? each time they came together --
the Vision & the Promise, fulfilling...
seeding each other's needing...

"You are my Wholeness,"
she said to him, "completing me,"
feeling her own incompleteness, without him.

But as a human man with a woman
he felt the same towards her...

"We are the heartbeat of the Cosmos,
infinitude merging with infinitude,"
he said to her, in reference to their conjunction,
both *in* time & beyond time, knowing
that the Divine Spouse *is* the Divine Abode,
wanting to abide forever in Her.

"How vast you are," she said,
looking wistfully at him,
sensing so very much more,
endless complexities of meanings
in the vastitudes she sensed within him.
She was a lover of the Mysteries & sensed
that he was Living Mystery come unto womanity.
"I fell into the cosmos of your mind, Ee-sho..."
Magdalene whispered.

But to him she was living beatitude, enfleshed.
"& I rose into your mystic heart, Miriam...
We blossom each other. In this blooming...
the petals of ourselves, open, wholly,
our fragrances intermingling
in a merging emergence..."

~~wynn manners
[Working with fragments in the Voice*Notes;
Magdalene Flame Day.]

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