Temple Of The Rose 5

Temple Of The Rose 5
Art by Norman E. Masters

Be Naked In Your Essence

The essence of sacrifice is giving. I sacrifice my outer garments and my Soul's scents flow into Heaven to tantalize His nostrils. Prancing about, I burn my clothing. I am His delight. Is a nail without desire for a magnet? Just so, in my naked Splendor, the Lord's iron rod stiffens and points towards me. His desire is to come upon me and make His home in the inner folds of my Being.

Let your scents be pleasing to the Lord. There is a reason the term Essence is a catchword for perfume. Be naked in your Essence and Ben Shin (Son of Fire) will tickle the depths of your Soul with His tongue.

The female U is in love with the Masculine I. I is a self referent, U is other. M-other. Me and You, I and U. I am, Am is existence and backwards is Ma. The union of Self and Other is the path to wholeness. In the fallen world, God becomes Other. In the arms of Love, I and U are one. U is Magnet, I is Nail. Which is God and which is me? Depends on how we are dancing. When I become I, She becomes U; when He becomes I, I become U.


Burl B. Hall

March 10, 2002

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