Cross Of Intricacies

Art by Norman E. Masters

Background by Montserrat
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Dance of Infinity into Time

Dance of infinity into time, Your numinous touch star-seeding my mind...

The radiance of Your Light -- thru each individual jewel of time -- such a
spectrum of beauty!

Micro-cosmic, macro-scopic, tele-probic -- kaliedoscopic strobing the

Each soul, too, a dewdrop of Your light -- rainbow-radiancing your splendors in
each hidden internitude...

How can i not love the light-dance of my owne innermost essence when it is a
dewdrop of *You* delighting in/thru me -- as You delight in the lila of *every*
I awakening into the beatific awe of All You are...

Soul diffuses her rainbow radiance thru dance of flesh thru time -- all the
colorings of experience, of emotion, of beauty.

Love like the light of distant stars -- in shadows under the arch of trees...
Love like light of the full moon, lunaticing delight... Love like the warmth
of the sun, all-embracing... Love in a lover's arms, nuzzling & kissing,
exploring each other all-wondrously...

Love in the numinous awakening into *You* -- o divinely holy...

Knowingly or unknowingly, who has not been touched by
the Light of Your loving?


~~wynn manners

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