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I Am A Goddess Worshipping Christian...

by Cathie ManyVeils

Sophia or Holy Wisdom Is a Goddess in the Old Testament (see Wisdom's Feast by Cady, Taussig and Ronan). This has been repressed by the people who wrote the Nicene Creed.

My Christianity has Goddesses in it and does not subject itself to any Church Fathers or historical definitions.

My Christianity comes from my Heart and it exists in me so it exists in the world and it has Goddesses in it.

Christ serves his own unique function which does not negate the functions of Sophia, the Holy Spirit, or any other Mother or Daughter Goddess.

Setting it up so that Christianity is synonymous with certain fixed creeds and historical doctrines to the exclusion of the Goddess is antithetical to my own experience of Christianity which is not mainstream.

Others say because I have Goddesses in my faith I am not a Christian. I am saying that I am one. Others say because masses of people have defined a thing a certain way it is impossible for it to exist in any other form, while my entire point is I am creating another form for Myself and as encouragement for others who desire to do the same.

Some believe in a feminine Holy Spirit. This idea, while it has not "caught on" in mainstream Christianity, is not a new idea; it is a Very Old idea from some of the earliest Christians and in my book it is equally as valid a form of Christianity as any other.

Just because the masses don't "get it" doesn't mean it doesn't exist that way for some or even many people, secretly, in their hearts.

By creating a rigid artificial barrier that says Christianity does not have Goddesses or a Feminine Divine, one blocks any potential for evolution of the religion or diversification of the religion.

I am so utterly tired of rigid definitions and dogma. I find them useful in terms of understanding history and how we have gotten from "there to here" but I do not find them useful in terms of understanding my living spiritual reality which is indeed a REALity.

I have no interest in a historical religion -- I only have interest in a religion which serves me well in my here and now, and that religion is for me a Christianity with Goddesses in it.

So from here on forward, I give everybody permission to be a Christian with Goddesses. I grant myself the same authority as any church father and I give you all permission to say you are Christians who believe in Goddesses and the Feminine Face of the Divine or whatever feels right to you.

I grant it in so far as it is anybody's right to grant anybody "permission" for anything:

I am a Goddess worshipping Christian, and whoever doesn't like it can lump it.

I am defining religion as I wish it to be. How else can we create an opening for change?

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