Prayerful Spiritual

Out of the Silences

Into the sacred hush
of the soul's inner peace
the Living Spirit breathes
Her rainbow blessings
for the heart's delight.

In our range of differences
our joy of union
unto mystic communion
is sweeter.

Joy--at its height--
forgets self.
Then is joy sweetest.

Brief gladnesses pass
like the strains
of a yearning melody
caressing our memory...
haunting our reveries...

We remember to remember
that growth itself
is the on-going miracle
--alive into wonder--
under skies as infinitely
filled with stars as
every creative soul
is scintillant
with luminous dreams...

Vast, indeed, is each
full-grown life
compared to the seed
from which it started...

Heavens beyond...
& heavens within...
Do our minds mirror
the stars or do the
stars mirror our minds?

& love, the sweetest
of all glories--
ascendently evolving our being
transcending the maya of death
& bursting the bondage of time
--is the very hearbeat of Eternity
enrapturing our lives...
releasing all our longing...
into the sacred hush...

~~~ Norea St. John

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