Pleromatic Angels, Gustav Dore

In The Light's Delight

Heart*Sun(shine)s of the Divine Mother
the flame of eternal life
blossoms Forever...

Shining eyes, illumined ecstasy, sacred maze,
secret doors into mysterious dreams,
mystic orgasms -- sweet Goddess, you return
into Time with the Heart of the Divine
generating visions sublime
with the Blessing of Our Father
& Your Son's secret smile, saying
linger yet awhile in the delight
of the Light...

Wisdom's daughter... Wisdom's son..
your Life-of-life's has but begun
& to the loving heart
the fruits of time are tender & sweet --
juicing the joy-dance thru seas of dreaming
celebrating the beauty & mystery
behind the cosmic rhythm
that births the stars...

Sweet Sophia -- you are our psalm of joy,
the elixir of hope, the Heart of Eternity...
& upon your bosom Christ finds tenderness
& God, Himself, finds Peace...

                             ~~ Norea St. John

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