Goddess Blue With Stars

Goddess Blue With Stars
Art by Norman E. Masters

Ever We

you sweep me out of time
into timelessness...

eternity has no hours
when it is *now*
o yet again
& *still* now
& *ever* now
in the mystery of our being
so deeply, so interfusingly

but there was a lapse
like a dream passing
measured by moments & memories
the hands of a clock
dates on a calendar
another year closer
to the Millenial Dawn
knocking on that Door

countdown to Infinity

o love
wherever the Cosmic tides
waft the whirling light*sparks
we are
*love* abides
co*nnecting us

o bless this moment
blitzed into the blissing
as my heart *sings* again...

i want to *soar*
    & more--
    i want to *be*
           this we

weaving threads of destiny
   thru the warp & woof of time
   with visions sublime
   to deepen the meaning
             the mating
   making all the waiting
             *worth* it

*making* you, sophia
as your wisdom washes over me
   swells up *in* me

for o! sophia!
you are the living life force itself
    the coming into
        the *rush*
        the receiving
        the giving
        the living
the inner burning that yearns so magnificently
                           the teasing
                           the bleeding
                      the wounds & the healing

o sophai sophai sophai
     my sophorific for the pain
my o-so-terrific in the gain
     my loss & my found
the Heavens, themselves in which i flounder
                            with wounded wings

but we will soar again

you are the Forever of my dreams
    & i fall into you
like tomorrow... calling...

  you are my heart's consolation
  the very emancipation of my being
setting me free to be most fully *me*

o, sweet Sophia -- i *live* again, i breathe!

         you fill me
         you empty me
         you *are* me

this *we*ave of the threads of our longing
as we braid the tongues of the sea
        waves incurling
      sweet flow swirling
       into your Mystery


~~wynn manners
January 8, 2000
dedicated to melanie carroll

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