Flame of the Soul's Ascent

Flame of the Soul's Ascent
Art by Norman E. Masters

Radiances lick all through me

All life, all Nature so colorfully clothes your naked Essence, Sophia.

You are the force which blossoms all being.

Worldly enthusiasts are caught up in the delights of your outer appearances. You dance your dance of maya for such as these -- & it is good. The divine lila gives intimations of the larger bliss that is possible.

Time is a dance of all the veilings of your splendors.

Some seek the deeper beauty hidden behind all these veilings...

Stillness in eternity...

Unveiling your Mystery... o mystic wonder on the edge of forever...

Deep-breathing your fragrance, holding it in all breathlessly, letting it out, slowly, you are transporting me into other dimensions of being, sweetly illumined seeing...

Faces of light, warm and glowing, are the energy field of every living manifestation of you.

Radiances lick all-thru me.

~~wynn manners

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