Rose Of Desire

Rose Of Desire
Art by Norman E. Masters

All the Obscure Disguises
of Living Mystery

Who is it who ties the knot of the cosmic mystery & Who unties it?
Untied into unity, untried? treading towards a wedding...

Who weds time to eternity, this knot of death all noughting?
Naughty oughts -- where's the out? to shout what ecstasy?

Outer space is perceived within; the inner and outer are one;
our space interpenetrates, my space passing 
thru your space passing thru mine.
What space? space a thought trying to measure the infinite,
infinity double noughting the twist of moebius unwinding time,
infinity Your double yoni, Beloved, yoni into time,
yoni into forever... all consecutive moments simultaneous
in the black hole knot, recurrency's overlap.

Is it different?
Is it the same?
Where remembrance now?

Your Sacred Names were babbled in joy
in the pure Wisdom of our first Innocence,
undifferentiated consciousness, pure being...

Metamorphs of time 
are singing the mystery of the timeless,
rejoicing in the changes, 
the changeless spirit as silent as Presence.

Where *is* forever concealed
in all the obscure disguises
of living mystery?

The great are small, the small are great;
greatness & smallness are one;
shifts in perspective.

Light defines darkness,
darkness defines light,
one defining,
the light & the darkness are one.

To conceive a beginning is to conceive an end;
end & beginning are 
heads & tails of the same conception;
to conceive a beginning is to imply the beginningless;
to conceive an end is to imply the endless,
beginninglessness & endlessness are One.

To conceive the All is to conceive the None;
All and None are One;
& all that's between now and the next dream
is an endless seeming...

Do we tie the last knot of the cosmic mystery
or do we untie it? Meaning & meaninglessness
are mind-knots in the nought of Your O!
i am falling into Your Yoni of Dreams...
gulf of the starshoals, unavoidable Void.
In this nothing, Your everything dances...

Have all the dances
been danced
by the dreams of the All?

If we awaken from one dream
is it only to rise into another?

~~wynn manners
[revised 25.Sept.05/26.Oct.05]

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