Shroud Secrets

Shroud Secrets
Art by Norman E. Masters

Caress The Eternal
In Your Soul

You are the inner star of our awakening, Shekhina... & we *feel* -- most intensely, so awesomely deeply, in *You* as God did too, *reeling* in Your Splendors, enchanted in Your fragrances...

We go thru modifications forever, in You. You are the impetus of change, the nexus of transition, the mutability of metamorphosis -- & we are Your lila, Your creativity, Your playfulness, Your delight, Your loving into flesh & beyond.

You modify us and You mystify us, You allure us & shake us to the core of our beings, breaking the seed-shell that our egos have erected around us, that we grow into Your Wholeness. Death is our ultimate *climax* in You, as our consciousness, reborne in You, takes on new views in endless recombinant mutations....

Father is the explicit order -- as far as men comprehend... but *You* are the implicate harmony Who gives deepest *meaning* to our living.

We were destined to know you *before* our beginning -- for such was implicate in Your causing us into being as the Love in which we were born.

Your Spirit is the Wine Divine...

There will come a time when *all* Who come out of the All of You will know You & love you with the all of their being... for to have experienced all beauties, all sensitivities, all exquisite*cies, all tendernesses, all excellencies -- every moment that has meant the most to us... such would never have been without *You* implicate as *us*.

This is why we come -- as did Christ before us, as did Alaha before the very Beginning -- with our praise & our gratefulness unto the Mother of All... for it is *She* who gives the gift of Eternity.

Be that Day now -- recognizing & *loving* Her. She embraced you into the grace of this life at the moment you were born -- as She has embraced all others, enwrapping... warm...

When you awaken into Shekhina*Sophia, you caress with delicately delicious wonderment the very Eternal in your soul.

~~wynn manners

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