Mysteries Of The Flame

Mysteries Of The Flame
Photo by Gamaliel Masters

Her Flame Mysteries Burn!

all the subtle stylings of speakheart moments
from poetess to poet, undressing heart*minds to each other
going undercover now -- hiding out, hiding in...

awakening into the freedom of full-hearted singing
let the secrets out; nothing naked is unbareable, unshareable...
then in-sing! out-sing! o sing multidimensionally

in the fullness of this sharing
times criss-cross, the past filters into the now,
share the seeing of your eyes in your times before
meshing into this now; there is a beauty to it...
special blue of far*star gaze, cosmic
bodies, universal yearnings, silken flow
of heartspeak receiving Her favors,
Her forever wonders...

Such caring thru all the Voices of Time,
years as yester as days as yester as millenia
as near as remembrance of the voices of the ancients
restored & storied, mythically & missingly...

Her Flame Mysteries burn
in the Womb of Her Love,
She whose chalice is the blessing-cup of the ages;
& you live Her blessings as you microcosmically *are*
Her living enfleshment

~~wynn manners
June 19, 2005

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